INFORMATION: In the beautiful Parvati valley of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh. SAR Pass is one of the most popular trails of the Shivalik range of the mighty Himalayas. Parvati valley abounds in natural beauty with snow-clad mountains, perennial rivulets, streams and waterfalls, picturesque meadows in the midst of dense forests of Devdar and Fir trees, which beckon the young adventure lover to come and experience the serene and calm atmosphere of all-pervading nature.

SAR Pass Trail offers an opportunity to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Parvati valley with Kasol, Tila Lotni, Biskeri and Manikaran as its beauty spots. Kasol is famous for its cool and pleasant climate and tall pine trees. Tila Lotni can literally be called the little ICE LAND, where one can experience the challenges of nature in full fury, during spine chilling cold nights. The splendid views of snowy peaks offer an endless feast to the eyes. Biskeri fascinates the trekkers with its sweet grasses, wildflowers and a variety of birds. Hot water springs of Manikaran, are bliss. A natural hot water bath at these springs relieves you of all the tiredness and rejuvenates the body, mind and soul with new energy.

DAY1: Me, Daud and Sneha reported at the Base Camp Kasol on 21st May, in the evening. We had done with all our registrations and Attend an orientation session to be given by the chief organizer/guide which will cover the information like rucksack packing, marching/walking technique and general awareness about the trek route. Comfortable stay is arranged at Kasol(5180 ft) either in tents. Then we went to kasol market and relaxed out in the Hot spring Water and had an Israeli dish Shakshuka(Must Try).

DAY2: We woke up in the morning and went for Morning exercise. Trek starts from Kasol at around 7AM and trekkers will hit a comfortable trail filled with lush green forests. The trail turns a bit rocky as one starts to climb uphill. After a 5-6 hour trek participants reach Grahan village. Tents will be set up at Grahan(7700 ft) for a comfortable overnight stay. (9 km, 6 hrs)

DAY3: Kickstart early in the morning and begin the trek towards the north of Grahan. The trail gets a bit steep as one gets into the pine forest. One can spot Ratta Pani as soon as we exit the forest. Tents are set up at Rattapani(11,200 ft) for a cosy overnight stay. (13 km, 6 hrs)

DAY4: We woke up, had our breakfast and took our packed lunch and we were all ready to move. The trail from Rattapani to Nagaru is relatively tough when compared to the previous days, but it is definitely worth the sweat. On reaching the Nagaru campsite, the magnificent view of the mountains across Parvati Valley simply puts all the energy you spent on the day back into you. Tents are pitched at Nagaru camp(12,500 ft) and participants are advised to sleep early to compensate for the next day’s early start. (10km, 5hrs)

DAY5: We were ready to move to our next. we Get up early and started a steep trek through the snow. Sar pass and a lot of other peaks are visible from the top. The view is simply breathtaking. After spending some time at the top, participants start the descent by sliding through the snow and reach the valley after a short walk. On reaching Biskeri campsite(11,000 ft), tents are set up for the overnight stay. (13kms, 7hrs)

DAY6: Today we have to move to our next destination The descent from Biskeri to Barshani, Pulga is quite an easy one. From Pulga the descent continues and participants cross Parvati River and then climb a bit to reach village Barshani and take Jeep to reach Kasol base camp.

DAY7: Last day of our trek no one wanna leave that place so emotional things happened out that day. After a few farewell speeches and gossips, participants have breakfast and say cheese for a quick photo shoot. Arrangements are made for the checkout. Lots of memories… Speech Less…….

A FINAL THOUGHT: This was my 3rd Trek experience. I feel very lucky and thankful to have been part of the mixture of trekking, nature, mystic, different cultures, celebrating brotherhood for 11 days was so rich, so touching and deep.