It was impossible for an avid traveller like me to visit Jaipur, and not fall in love with the romantic pink hue pervading everything in the metropolis, hence justifying its name, “The Pink City”. Sitting in my car, and gazing through the window at the passing landscape while giving the illusion of being sun kissed by the glowing shade of blush that deepens as the sun sets, I’m sure I look nothing less than a daydreamer.

Ornate and massive walls surround Jaipur as a reminder of the city’s Rajputian roots. The 20-foot tall fortification wall around the City Palace, located in Jaipur’s heart, acts as protective boundary to the ever-growing flock of awestruck tourists that visit the city every year. Nearby the city palace is the Jantar Mantar of jaipur that shows various mathematical calculation with geographic relation done in the olden time.

The romantic pink stone fortress, also known as Hawa Mahal, cascades over the streets of Jaipur bang in the middle of the busy Jaipur bazaar, while at the same time exemplifies the glory of Rajput architecture in all its splendour. On your way to various historical places you come acroos the beautiful ‘jal Mahal”

Located about 11kms from the centre of Jaipur, Amber Palace/Amber Fort perfectly fades into the surrounding hillside in a nearly ideal disguise, all thanks to its sand coloured walls. Today, I can hop on the back of an elephant decorated in bright colours and patterns. The gentle say in my high perch as my elephant lumbered majestically up the stone walkway to the hilltop’s main entrance is a comfort like no other.

Located right next to Amber Palace is Jaigarh Fort. A true fortress, this fort lacks the intricacies of the fort-palace architecture found elsewhere in Jaipur. It offers visitors a breath-taking view over the surrounding mountainous landscape.

The traditional cuisine of Rajasthani culture centred on an admiration for the lifestyle of their great warrior kings. As a result, many of the most favored dishes are those that can be easily preserved and travel well like kachoris. Dal, bajra, and corn are the versatile stars of many traditional dishes.  Owing to its roots in hunting of local wild game, Jaipur is also quite famous for dishes starring venison and other meats as part of its local cuisine.

Jaipur is a magical city displaying a vibrant array of colours amid its rosy ancient palaces. A city painted pink would look unnatural in many places, but here on the edge of the desert, at an immense distance from the Western world both geographically and philosophically, Jaipur feels eternally serene. Festivals with loud colours clashing and spinning and all hues of kites flying overhead–these are what make Jaipur the bright, colourful, intensely alive city that it is.